The most beautiful and innovative kitchen chandeliers

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In this article we talk about lightning solutions, with an eye on modern kitchens.

If you think about it, browsing the magazines or the websites regarding chandeliers and appliques design, you will notice that in recent times they have become more and more popular.

Especially among the regular and geometric lines of modern kitchens, they become deeply characterizing items.

Style and personality are expressed either in contrast with the surrounding furniture or in line with it.

Looking at the latest news in lightning systems, especially regarding kitchens, we can define two distinct trends.

One is the multiple composition of kitchen chandeliers, either similar or completely different to one another. Very often different shapes are matched by the same color.

Twin items are instead differentiated by different heights from the ceiling.

When using a single chandelier, in modern kitchens, the choice is focused on a polarizing item, in full contrast with its surroundings.

Here are some examples for both these solutions.

You will also find out how materials can differ to one onther. Creating original compositions is surely easy and satisfying!

Multiple kitchen chandeliers

metal and glass kitchen chandeliers
Kitchen chandeliers in metal and glass from

Metal chandeliers have always been fascinating, especially when this material is paired with glass, like in these example!

lampadario cucina moderna vetro metallo
Also on, twin chandeliers are differentiated by different heights

Here’s another composition of chandeliers made of glass and metal, in a different key, but still very charming.

modern kitchen chandeliers
How to light up your kitchen with modern chandeliers

In the picture below, three chandeliers in porcelain of different shapes.

The common threads are color and materials, including the wooden bit at the top.

The lightning is here enhanced by LED spotlights on the ceiling.

multiple kitchen chandeliers
Different shapes of kitchen chandeliers on

Single kitchen chandeliers

As mentioned above, modern kitchens are characterized by a regular and dry design.
A single chandelier standing out for color and shape would be the right choice.
In the example below it’s clear the stylistic contrast between lines and colors of the kitchen and the chandelier.

single kitchen chandelier
On this house by, the chandelier is surely the characterizing item.

Twin kitchen chandeliers

We would also point out the possibility to create lightning composition with identical chandeliers.

Balance is the most noticeable item, and the example below is synonym of elegance and modern design.

twin kitchen chandeliers
A warm and welcoming kitchen on
white kitchen chandeliers
Another angle of the modern kitchen on

The choice is yours: multiple or single chandeliers in modern kitchen?

They are both fine!

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