An industrial site becomes a designer loft in Amsterdam

The eclectic city of Amsterdam has always been the center of many artistic and design trends.

Also known as Venice of the North, due to its canals, is the home of many important cultural institutions.

Just think about the Van Gogh museum and the many other art galleries.

Located in the Jordaan district, one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the Dutch capital, this private home was once an industrial complex.

Big open spaces and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this loft was designed by Bureauwijker studio with H.Meijer BV builder and interior designer Houtwerk BV.

FYHWL Asmterdam 2

The project for an industrial style loft in Amsterdam

The owner wanted to make the most of the natural light coming from the excellent location of the building.

So, the aim of the renovation has been creating a house that allows for sharing experiences, combining all the rooms in a single convivial space.

Bureauwijker has therefore opted for an open space consisting of kitchen and living room, to create a more accessible and convenient space.

The architects kept some of the building’s original features, such as the high ceiling and the wide arch windows.

Both of these elements contributes to the brightness and the sense of space of the loft.

To balance the shades of white and the classical style of the furniture, warm lights and wooden flooring give a welcoming touch to the atmosphere, along with retro style decorating items.

FYHWL Amsterdam 1

Solid Surface HIMACS

The sophisticated project and innovative materials such as Solid Surface HIMACS make for a bright and spacious loft.

We already talked about the qualities of Solid Surface HIMACS on our magazine, in particular for the furniture of the Paradise Now bar in Düsseldorf.

HIMACS is a top quality acrylic stone that can take any shape. It’s a material highly used in architecture and interior design to create high-end furniture.

Its composition consist in acrylic, natural minerals and pigments, all creating a smooth and seamless surface.

This special design make it durable as stone but malleable and versatile like wood: it can be cut, softened, drilled and polished.

On the hygienic side, HIMACS doesn’t absorb humidity, its impervious to spots and stains, easy to clean, maintain and repair.

The loft’s kitchen island

Perfectly in line with the industrial style of the loft, the iconic shade Alpine White by HIMACS gives a touch of light to the kitchen island.

The features of the Solid Surface allowed for the construction of a big sized kitchen and yet with delicate and elegant lines, built around one of the original pillars of the building.

Thanks to its seamless and smooth surface, HIMACS is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

To maximize the storage capacity of the kitchen island, wooden drawers and shelves have been added.


Other parts of the loft

HIMACS is present also in the bathroom, where it plays a fundamental role in the refurbishment project.

This bathroom is characterized by colors and materials inspired by nature.

The sink and the top are made of HIMACS.

The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, combined with the elegance of the finishes, make HIMACS the perfect material for a home bathroom.


As always, we can take inspiration from projects and ideas of the greatest interior designers to enrich and personalize our homes.

This industrial style loft in Amsterdam is a perfect example of the combination of modern style and tradition, to create and decorate every space with style.


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