Everyone knows the key elements to design a modern bedroom: the bed, the wardrobe, bedside tables and a chest of drawers.

However, their placement is often done by habit, overlooking creativity and originality of shapes.

As a result, we may have a plain design, without personality, that in the long run might become monotonous.

How can we make this place devoted to relaxing more special and innovative?

We chose 10 designer ideas to decorate the modern bedroom and give it a fresher look.

How to decorate a modern bedroom
How to decorate a modern bedroom

Modern style is immediately recognizable for simple lines and sharp contrasts.

Adding to this, the conscious use of colours, materials and items that can really make the difference, transforming the room into a dream bedroom!

Here are ten ideas for your bedroom.

Bedroom tips 2
A beauty corner for your bedroom

1. Enrich the walls with wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most used decorations for bedrooms.

Not only it creates movement and captures the attention, but the patterns also are so many and beautiful that they almost look like paintings!

Usually the preferred wall is the one behind the bed.

Bedroom tips 3
Wallpaper by FillYourHomeWithLove

Colors must align to the room and adapt to the furniture’s style.

Moreover, if the bedroom is small, it can be characterised by an original mix of wallpaper and painting, which is ideal to make the room unique and special. 

2. Give it a new look with a boiserie

One of the most recent trends in bedroom design is the application of a boiserie on the wall behind the bed, which will become the headboard.

It will be a scenographic item, which will make the wall and the bed the focal points of the room.

Bedroom tips 4
The elegance of a neutral nuance

This solution will leave a sign, enlarging the perceptions of the space.

Finally, it is an ideal way to conceal wires and lightning systems.

3. Create a relaxing corner

If the double bedroom is big enough, a special relaxing corner can be added, with a comfortable armchair and a coffee table.

It will be the ideal spot to read a good book or simply to relax after a long work day.

Bedroom tips 5

The colours of the furniture and the walls could be in contrast with the rest of the room or, instead, they can recall the ones of the bedding.

4. Place a shelf above the bed

If the bedroom is small, the space must be organised with care, without renouncing comfort.

We suggest going for a shelf that runs throughout the wall behind the bed.

Bedroom tips 6
Photo by Pinterest

Not only will it be a good place to put decorating items, but it also become a useful and practical alternative to bedside tables.

5. Enlarge the space with mirrors

Have you ever thought about using mirrors to decorate a small bedroom?

They can be put on a wall or to enhance a corner in particular.

In both cases, it will look like there is an enlargement of the room and more light.

Old, new, found in some flea markets, mirrors can give a touch of style and originality to the room.

Big mirrors are not only decoratives, but also useful for a last minute check of your look!

6. Place the bed in the middle of the room

To make the bed the true protagonist of the room, it might be placed in the middle of the room, given the right space and room size.

It must be a design element, pleasant to look at and rich with interesting details.

Bedroom tips 7
Photo by Pinterest

The bedroom walls, in this case, will become secondary and can be left neutral.

An interesting alternative is creating a storage unit behind the bed which can also conceal a walk-in wardrobe.

7. Choose a surprising chandelier for the bedroom

Light always hase fascination, and even more in the bedroom. Usually the choice is table lamps or appliques capable of creating suggestive corners.

But what if the look was captured by a beautiful central hanging chandelier?

It will surely enhance the bed giving charme to the whole bedroom.

The style must be in accord with the one chosen for the room, and capture the gaze of those who enter. 

8.Give style to the walls with neon lights

If you want to create a really cool modern bedroom, you can decorate the walls with neon lights.

Bedroom tips 8
Photo by Pinterest

Those will not only make the room more welcoming, but they will also create an original and unexpected focus, which can also work as a night light spot.

Lively and scenographic, neon lights can really make the difference, if well harmonised with the rest of the room.

9. Put the bed on a stage

One of the evergreen solutions to save space in a small bedroom is to make most of the space, even that below the bed.

For this reason a storage unit could be an intelligent idea to enlarge the room for clothes and bedding.

It can be custom-made, using drawers according to the needs.

It will create a pleasant harmony, especially if colours and material are in accord with the rest of the furniture.

10. Using decorating items

Bedroom tips 9
Photo by Pinterest

Objects always give that extra touch!

They enrich corners and embellish surfaces, and, if well placed they can create an elegant focus for the modern bedroom.

The room can be characterised with a few touches, varying the placement of pre-existing items or adding some new.