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The Hotel Marriott Constantine ***** in Algeria and B Light.

To convey you what I mean in real terms, I made up my mind to show you the wonderful Horel Marriott Constantine*****, in Algeria. I'd like to show you how the careful and accurate choice of the lighting has made it one of the most exclusive hotels in that area. The whole lighting/technical project has been followed and carried out by B-Light, an Italian leading firm in the field of lighting. Thanks to their experience in this field, they have lighted quite up to 40,500 square metres of surface, making the Marriott Constantine a real dream.

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Wallpaper: datails for nursery and kids rooms!

Wallpaper: original datails for nursery and kids rooms! Thirties are approaching quickly, and, maybe the age, maybe the desire of motherhood that...

Rockid: the original and innovative Cradle

Rockid: an innovative and original cradle that creates a bond between Mom and the baby while the baby sleeps. Ontwerpduo, well-known Nordic company,...


Today we talk about Kidskoje The Kidskoje cot is a German product inspired by the ancient customs of the indigenous American people: they...

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Your home reflects your personality and is clearly a style and a way of life. Interior design and decorating culture are basic aspects to keep in mind when you decide to embellish your home; it is important to pay attention to details and quality of materials, as well as to comfort and safety, and it is fun to take the cue from the various creative trends and moods around the world. Of course it is not always possible to travel around the world in search of original ideas, but a decorating blog and interior design magazine talking about interior design, trends, furniture solutions and different styles in a clear, simple and detailed way can be an easy way to go! The blog you are about to “browse”, is a real design magazine, the result of a pure passion for design and home decor that can provide you with many creative ideas and food for thoughts if you are about to furnish your new home or restyle your old abode and you’re going to change colour on the walls, adding a touch of originality to your bedroom or living room, or if you want

to add a piece of design to your “usual” bathroom or your dear old kitchen! Don’t you know which style could be ideal for your home? Are you looking for a detailed guide about new materials, fabrics and trendy colours? You’re in the right place: read our articles and the reviews on the places visited (such as the most beautiful design homes and the most unusual hotels that we have photographed for you), the previews and the break news drawn from the world of design and furniture, from the various national and international exhibitions, and you’ll find a lot of information, ideas and proposals on how to carefully choose your style, on where to shop and how to cope with the many proposals on the market. If you are looking for alternative trends also take a look at our interior design blog section dedicated to the “industrial” style and try, with a few tricks and lots of imagination, to reproduce it in your home. The effect could be surprising and very original. There’s no need to be a home stylist, you just need to be inspired!